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Martin’s official “I’m For Real” party - Blankenship Blog

Posted on Friday, November 10, 2006

Mark it down Kings fans.

Several years from now when people are looking at Kevin Martin’s career and wondering when it was exactly the world took notice of number 23, many will point to Sacramento’s last game versus Detroit as Martin’s official “I’m For Real” party.

Sure, he grabbed attention when he hit that crazy, contorting layup at the buzzer over Tim Duncan to beat the Spurs in Game Three of the playoffs last year. But at that time he was better known outside of Sacramento as the other ‘Kmart’, or the guy who backed up Bonzi.

Kings fans who had watched him over the last two seasons knew that he had great potential. But outside the 916 there was little to no fanfare. That was until Wednesday’s 30-point explosion on the defensive-minded Detroit Pistons.

Martin is all of a sudden ‘hot’ around the league. The Kings’ media relations staff has received several national interview requests for the youngster since Wednesday, while those who were questioning the validity of his fast start to the season took a big “Shhh” to the face.

Kevin is exactly the type of player that can be an icon in Sacramento. He works hard, he plays hard, he’s humble and he’s poised to become the coverboy for the franchise over the next decade.

Enjoy the ride Kings fans, it’s not often you get to see a star born and grow up in front of you.

Kings Free-throws
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"I bounce the ball three times. I’ve been doing it since my high school coach taught me, so three times and then shoot. I don’t need to wipe my face, or scratch my head."
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