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APOLOGiES...once again...

oh wow, i swear--i don't mean to forget about you guys. i've just been SO crazy busy with work and school, that i have absolutely no time for myself. but anyway, if you guys didn't know--kevin martin has had himself an amazing year in 2007. =) also, if you guys aren't aware--he recently extended his contract with the sacramento kings for another 5 years!!!! woohoo. that is the greatest news of them all! =D

kevin is in africa doing "basketball without borders". i'm not sure if he's still there, but he was. you can read about his adventure for africa here.

um... other than that, nothing really all that interesting with the kings/kevin, since it's offseason! speaking of basketball though--next month--season starts up again! WOOHOO! october 9th is preseason, and october 31st is regular season. get your kings gear ready! we're ready for another season of kings basketball! LET'S GO KINGS!
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