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my long lost lj friends. lol! :] well well well...it's been FAR too long since i've updated this community. my apologies, seriously. i've been far too busy to keep up with things, and i kinda left livejournal for a while, too. i just recently got back into it. ;] and besides, baskteball season is coming back! -- in full effect SOON! YAY! i honestly can't tell you what kevin martin has been up, because i, myself, have no idea! lolol...well anyway, training camp day 1 started today. so--i leave you with this video! :] it's of kevin martin, francisco garcia, bobby jackson, and jason thompson.

oh yeah, i never mentioned this--but i might as well NOW--WELCOME BACK TO SACRAMENTO BOBBY JACKSON!<333
Tags: bobby jackson, francisco garcia, jason thompson, kevin martin
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