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Hello hello

Hey guys! Big K-Mart fan here, just discovered your LJ community. Awesome. We all rock for loving K-Mart.

I just wanted to introduce myself; I'm probably a pretty important person for you to know since I'm his future wife, although I'm not sure he knows that yet.

I went to the Kings-Warriors game last night...totally lousy game. Although the silver lining was our boy, who led players on both teams in scoring, and had a sick dunk at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

My favorite thing about Kevin is his style of playing...guys like Bibby will stand there and eat up the shot clock before launching one that doesn't even have a chance, guys like Artest will be too busy checking out themselves to be level-headed on the court...and Kevin just sorta plays hard all the time.

Plus, he's hot. Extra love for Kevin.
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